LINE UP 2014

Anataeus, Beastmilk, Cancer, Caronte, Chaos Echœs, Conan, Deathcult, Drowned, Ensnared, Grave Miasma, Hawkwind, Hellbringer, Heretic, Malthusian, Manilla Road, Sadistic Intent, The Ruins of Beverast, Satans's Satyrs, Stallion, Vampire

LINE UP 2013

Acid King, Amulet, Attic, Black Salvation, Bölzer, Cruciamentum, Dead Lord, Electric Wizard, Hobbs' Angel of Death, In Solitude, Irkallian Oracle, Necros Christos, Portal, Repulsion, Satan, Svartidauği, Verminous, Vomitor, Vorum

LINE UP 2012

Angel Witch, Assaulter, Aura Noir, Beyond, Degial, Horisont, Ketzer, Miasmal, Midnight, Morbus Chron, Mortuary Drape, Necrowretch, One Tail, One Head, Procession, Proclamation, Solstice, Sonne Adam, The Skull (Ex Trouble), Ufomammut, Unholy, Unpure, Vanderbuyst, ZOM

Line Up 2011

Ascension, Black Oath, Candlemass, Division Speed, Enforcer, Ghost, Gospel Of The Horns, Invidious, Jex Thoth, Maim, Negative Plane, Nekromantheon, Nifelheim, Obliteration, Reveal, Root, Rotting Christ, Saturnalia Temple, Tribulation, Venenum, Year Of No Light

Line Up 2010

Abysmal Grief, Antichrist, Count Raven, Destroyer 666, Dordeduh, Excoriate, Grave Miasma, In Solitude, Maniac Butcher, Mayhem, Mourning Beloveth, October Tide, Pentacle, Repugnant, Sadistic Intent, Secrets Of The Moon, The Wounded Kings, Trench Hell

Line Up 2009

Absu, Agatus, Bloody Sign, Dead Congregation, The Devils Blood, Esoteric, Lord Vicar, Necrophobic, Necrovation, Orlog, Ofermod, Pagan Rites, Pentagram (US), Pentagram (Chile), Portrait, Razor Of Occam, Repent, Resistance, Serpentcult, Zemial

Line Up 2008

Corpus Christii, Demonical, Denial Of God, Drowned, Enthroned, Farsot, Grave, Hellish Crossfire, Kawir, Lord Belial, Melechesh, Mirror Of Deception, Necrosadistic Goat Torture, Nocturnal, Ophis, Pagan Altar, The Lamp Of Thoth, Trimonium, Warning, Zarathustra

Lineup 2007

Ancient Rites, Deathronation, Defloration, Desaster, Doomshine, Earth Flight, Eure Erben, Helrunar, Mortuary Drape, Necros Christos, Negura Bunget, Opera IX, Raven Black Night, Secrets Of The Moon, Shining, Spearhead

Line Up 2006

Aeveron, Anael, Fatal Prophecy, F.O.B., Gomorrha, Holy Moses, Jack Frost, Odem Arcarum, Orlog, Premutos, Root, Silent Death

Line Up 2005

Atanatos, Bloody Maria, Caliban, Deadlock, Defloration, Dew Scented, Fall Of Serenity, God Dethroned, Hellish Crossfire , Maroon, Mathyr, Primordial, Prosatanos, Purgatory, Skyforger, Trimonium

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